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49-year-old Craig Deas, of Perry, hopes to improve his health and stamina as he spends his life in the public eye as part of his role as play-by-play announcer for the Lake County Captains.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Busy week

The week has been extremely busy but happy to report that I kept my eating habits in line.  The site has really helped.  Had few drinks this week but that was factored in the calories.  Not much exercising but burning about 350-400 calories a day just by walking around.  Moved down a belt notch which is a good sign.  Had a couple of Lake Erie College basketball games to call last night which moved dinner later than l like.  Have two more tomorrow and Monsters game in the evening with my daughter who is in from BG.  My girls turned 22 on Wednesday so I went and visited Brittany at BG which was another long day.  Her twin sister Carolyn is at Arizona State so I will see her when I head to Spring Training on March 8.  Just trying to keep plugging along.  Hoping to meet some of my fellow Shape Uppers at the United Way luncheon on March 15.  Take care.   




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