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49-year-old Craig Deas, of Perry, hopes to improve his health and stamina as he spends his life in the public eye as part of his role as play-by-play announcer for the Lake County Captains.

Monday, June 11, 2012


Got to take my first walk in quite some time yesterday.  My daughter Brittany and I logged a nice 4 mile jaunt.  Got the car washed and some yard work done.  Felt pretty good getting a nice sweat going.  Spent the rest of the day doing nothing, which is hard for me.  Six games here at the ballpark starting tomorrow and that will end the first half.  Hard to believe.  I had my first bag of potato chips at the park last week.  Alex Lavisky is one of our catchers and his mother heard me say on the radio that I had been avoiding the chips due to this weight loss journey I am on.  The next day she sent four assorted bags up to the booth.  Far be it from me to not appreciate a gift, so I did have the salt and cracked pepper kettle cooked chips.  Delicious!  The bag said there was no trans fats, so hey, I have that going for me.  Moral of the story here is that I need to watch what I say on radio.  Maybe I’ll have to mention that I’m a little short financially and see what happens.  Worth a try.  Seems like the weight is still pretty steady so I need a good push here in the next couple of weeks.  I am happy however that I am maintaining the weight without killing myself.  This has truly been a lifestyle change for me and one I can certainly live with.  





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