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49-year-old Craig Deas, of Perry, hopes to improve his health and stamina as he spends his life in the public eye as part of his role as play-by-play announcer for the Lake County Captains.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Feels Like Baseball Season

How about this weather.  Feels like baseball season..wait it is only a couple weeks until Opening Day which means my schedule is going like crazy.  Lunches and dinners associated with the team are picking up.  Happy to report that I am staying on track with my good eating habits.  Still down around 13 pounds or so.  Kind of leveling off right now but haven’t done much exercise.  My wife Gina has been great at making sure we have healthy food in the fridge.  That was until the four boxes of Girl Scout Cookies arrived yesterday.  I did not eat my usually allotment of Tagalongs like I usually do. Grabbed an apple instead.  Feeling a little run down due to my schedule but not bad.  This is a tough time of the year but I think I have the plan and desire in place to continue to do this the right way.     




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